The Life & Times of Gangsta Brown

First introduced to The Game as a child, observing his cousin Poncho in the Eddy street area of San Francisco, prepared him to learn quickly from his master coach and godfather Fillmore Slim. The young and starry eyed Gangsta Brown was fresh on the scene sporting a big natural, soon to be relaxed into what he was known for wearing, the longest perm AKA “Lord Have Mercy” in The Town. The young Gangsta started out with one of Fillmore’s female singers, Lady Red. Lady Red became one of his first ladies of leisure letting him know up front, how much she admired his “rhythm”. By his side, she ventured out as 4 other beautiful women joined, becoming his stable of stallions working the tracks. In no time was Gangsta, AKA, Brown, GB or just G., known throughout the entire San Francisco, Bay Area as the best dressed, pistol packin’, player in the pimp game, with the finest women transported from point A to B in a Cadillac Fleetwood Brome limousine. Gangsta’s cousin Poncho set him up with a bodyguard by the name of Carl Rhodes AKA Sunny out of Berkeley, CA. Wherever Gangsta went, you could believe Sunny was not to far behind. On occasion you could spot Gangsta Brown rolling one of his first Rolls Royce automobiles, he purchased while climbing to the top of The Game. The young Gangsta positioned himself for worldwide recognition, armed with invaluable knowledge he gained from his cousin Poncho, his father the Globetrotter, his godfather Fillmore Slim, and his grandmother Frankie Davis, to name a few. He had the pleasure and honor of pimpin’ side by side with Oakland’s largest giants, Felix Mitchel, Huey P. Newton and Mickey Moore. In 1990 “Divine Brown” joined his entourage and became one of his 12 ladies of leisure during that time. 1995 was the year Divine became known as the “Million Dollar Hooker” during her “15 minutes of fame.” This highly publicized Hugh Grant scandal hit the media after the two of them were arrested by L.A.P.D for the lewd act she performed in his car on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Publicity ran ramped which allowed Gangsta Brown to negotiate lucratively on Divine Brown’s behalf. Negotiations were assisted with the professional help of her first hired lawyer Johnny Cochran, until Bucky Buchanan (a Las Vegas based attorney) assumed the role. Negotiations derived out of the “15 minutes of fame” mounted to well over 1.6 million dollars. Additional proceeds from the scandal were produced by appearances on a number of television shows (just a few to mention); The Howard Stern Show, Joey Buttafuoco’s Public-Access television show in 1998, Judge Judy, Danny Bonaduce’s short-lived Danny!, a television commercial promoting a Los Angeles radio station, a commercial for a Brazilian lingerie company, a presenter on UK porn channel Television X, an X-rated docu-drama where Divine played herself based on the incident Sunset & Divine: The British Experience, and finally the ITV television series in 2007: Hollywood Lives. Shortly after the “15 minutes of fame” frenzy, Gangsta ventured on to a new love, producing, directing and investing in film. Bob Castillo, Alvin C. Brown and Jay King of “Club Novueau” partnered in the creation of the movies “Black Spring Break” and “Love Beat the Hell Out of Me.” Gangsta Brown produced and starred in “The Gospel of The Game”, “The Life and Times of Gangsta Brown I” and “Bigger Than Big”(co-produced by Ron Newt). The “Mack Pack” series includes new releases of the movies starring, produced and authored by Gangsta Brown; “The Life and Times of Gangsta Brown II”, Pimpin Don’t Stop 24/7 and “Divine Brown- Million Dollar Hooker”(co-produced by Money Banks). Gangsta Brown also produced and starred in “The Game Has Changed” and starred in “Ghetto Physics” released in early 2011. Gangsta Brown has also become know as the “Freestyle Game Spitter” making guest appearances on radio talk shows such as, “Yellow Bus Radio Talk” featuring “Mistah F.A.B.” on Bay Area’s Wild 94.9 and “The Core Live” radio show based in Bakersfield, CA. Gangsta was heard over the airwaves on “Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole Radio” show, crediting his appearance to “Marvelous Marv” by inviting him to engage listeners in a roast with Carlos“Spanky” Hayes from “Wild N Out” game show of MTV. Gangsta also hosted a talk show on Jay King’s “Blog Talk Radio Show” discussing the “Do’s and the Don’ts of The Game”. Gangsta Brown is the author of books “I Promise To Tell the Truth The Game Was Good I & II. In 2006 Gangsta Brown and Money Banks were the focus of a 1-hour MS NBC newscast entitled “The Illegal Business of Prostitution” in which Rita Cosby conducted an in-depth interview of the two Bay Area Players. Gangsta Brown is also known as the CEO and promoter of the widely recognized “Hunid Rack Energy Drink”, oh so popular “Hunid Rack Condoms” and many other “Hunid Rack” products introduced to individuals through their living room screens in his commercials on local television and internet. More recently during 2011, Allen Hughes known as one of the Hughes Brothers (film directors, producers and screenwriters) hired Kenny Red to recruit Gangsta Brown to write the story of “American Gigolo” for an HBO weekly series.