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Divine Brown
Million Dollar Hooker
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In this film you will see the most famous Hollywood Hooker In the world "Divine Brown". She was caught on Sunset Blvd. Involed in a lewd act with actor Hugh Grant. You will see Divine trying to show Hugh's former girlfrend how to satisfy him sexually. She tours the world going to places like Paris, Rome, Germany, Brazil, and much more. As she tours from country to country she was accompanied by Money Banks and Gangsta Brow. Whom she claims extorted millions of dollars from her. This film includes commericials, magazines,& sex scenes beyond your imagination. It's too hot for televison. Divine Brown also made guest to appearance on talk shows such as Howard Stern, Jerry Springer, Judge Judy, The Danny Show, The Leeza Show,and many more throughout the world. Filmore Slim from the documentary "American Pimp" talks about how the game has changed, along with players and pimps Like Ron Newt. Playa Mandell, and many more from the old school. The young players and pimps change the game in to thug life Pimpin. whish is all about gang banging and robbing girls and tricks. From the world and streets worldwide. They dont give a shit about the old school pimpin, live side show Footage Meanwhile Divine Brown has been recorving from a traigic fire bomb attack at her Las Vegas home. this tradgedy nearly took the lives of her two children. Divine emotionally speaks about her terrifiying experience. This Film is based on true Stroy.Executive Producer: Van BanksCo Prodcer: Gangsta Brown Produce by: Stella M. Tompson & Alvin BrownNarrated by: Van Banks.