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"That's Fillmore Slim in Cleveland...OK? Playin' the big guitar. The reason why I'm Playin' the big guirtar is
because in Cleveland, that's they landmark, because Cleveland is tock star's hall of fame. As you walk down
that an=cenur in Cleveland, they have guitars for lamps. They have those big guirars our there, that's the
symbol of the rock star hall of fame...that's what that's all agout/ So by being a blues muusician, I'm on
that big guitar, while I'm being filmed... Filmore Slim

"He was a partner with "John Ivy" in Jack London Ssquare, you know, he ran "Blue Viille". the first thing
he did, he said "Fillmore I beed watchin' you for a long time and i want you, I'mma bring you and your band
in here for your CD rellease party. So we had a big CD release party and name of the CD was "Other side of
the Road". "Leothario", may he rest in peace'.

"And I told him that this song is gonna be " American Pimp" and "million Dollar Hooker". That's "Fillmore Slim"
and "Divine brown" Yall. So we at the "Art and Soul Festival" That's me up there doin' the James Brown. Got um
screamin' amd hollerin'! That's Fillmore Slim and his music debut.