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Master of the Game
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Gangsta Brown Presents Master of the Game Vol1 This VD consists of 22 fictioanal characters Including Mr. While Folks, Gangsta Brown, 78 Fleetwood Brougham, Walt dog, The barber, Stretch, Pretty Boy Slim, International Black, Tax Free, Kelsey, Filmore Slim, Kenny Red, Mistah F.A.B., Suga Free, Prince Diamond, Black, Alex the Pimp, Calfornia Pimpin Ken, Virgil, Lil G, Pimping Ken and Goldie These characters are speaking about the 101 rules of the game and revealing real life street Game. To understand the Game in this Documentary , you have to watch this DVD in it it's entirety. It may be boring to those without patience that are unwilling to listen to the rules that could help you maintain your freedom. To understand the Game, you have to want to know the game. The word "Game" has many different meanings. The average human being becomes confused because the worn't listen to learn and to understand the meaning of conversation. This story explains why they call Gangsta Brown "The Master of the Game" and makesit evident that your must learn your craft and be the best at it.