Gangsta Brown

First introduced to The Game as a child, observing his cousin Poncho in the Eddy street area of San Francisco, prepared him to learn quickly from his master coach and godfather Fillmore Slim. The young and starry eyed Gangsta Brown was fresh on the scene sporting a big natural, soon to be relaxed into what he was known for wearing, the longest perm AKA "Lord Have Mercy" in The Town. The young Gangsta started out with one of Fillmore's female singers, Lady Red. Lady Red became one of his first ladies of leisure letting him know up front, how much she admired his "rhythm". By his side, she ventured out as 4 other beautiful women joined, becoming his stable of stallions working the tracks. In no time was Gangsta, AKA, Brown, GB or just G., known throughout the entire San Francisco, Bay Area as the best dressed, pistol packin', player in the pimp game, with the finest women transported from point A to B in a Cadillac Fleetwood Brome limousine.

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The Life & Times of Gangsta Brown

Gangsta’s cousin Poncho set him up with a bodyguard by the name of Carl Rhodes AKA Sunny out of Berkeley, CA. Wherever Gangsta went, you could believe Sunny was not to far behind. On occasion you could spot Gangsta Brown rolling one of his first Rolls Royce automobiles, he purchased while climbing to the top of The Game. The young Gangsta positioned himself for worldwide recognition, armed with invaluable knowledge he gained from his cousin Poncho, his father the Globetrotter, his godfather Fillmore Slim, and his grandmother Frankie Davis, to name a few. He had the pleasure and honor of pimpin’ side by side with Oakland’s largest giants, Felix Mitchel, Read More  

Hugh Grant & Gangsta Brown

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